human element

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Kiran three quarter against pink background Kiran high key headshot, fantastic eyes Ember with SigSauer in black and white with leather jacket. Hi key image Jennie lying in a wicker trunk looking at the camera with a great teasing expression.  High key converted to Sepia Sue looking at the softbox off to the right.  Low key image Sue - head turn towards her shoulder looking at the softbox.  Low key image

Iva the Handful in a goth type outfit against a castle wall background Amber and Anthony portraying the grim reaper and his victim Anthony holding a skull and looking at it, face to face Iva the Handful, holding the electric guitar by the neck to smash and break it against the floor Jennie against the castle wall with her hands in her hair Jennie against the castle wall with her hands on the wall and looking at the camera Anthony shirtless and wearing jeans against a high key

Missy as the sleeping beauty, pin up makeup Bitsy with pinup makeup Missy with pin up style makeup and lighting, red lips, red flower in hair and clear blue eye Bitsy from the side, pin up make up Missy face cropped in real close to see her eye - post processed Amber with 4 foot sticks palying kung fu girl wearing jeans Amber headshot looking at the camera

Foster headshot harsh lighting Foster sitting at the bar looking at the camera Jennie riding a Harley in hi key converted to Sepia Angel, Rhino and Megan all sitting on the Harley Geneva headshot blowing in the wind Abel as male pinup distinguished gentleman Abel as male pinup distinguished gentleman in Sepia David attack low key image

These images are selected from a variety of shoots in last year with the intent to show diversity of shooting and lighting styles. I am always looking to collaborate with talented MUAs, stylists and models - please contact me.

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